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Help Stop the Hate, As an Angel you watch  
over your school form angel self help  
groups, To help those in need of moral  
support, Many need a strong friend to lead  
the way.  HS Angels lead a true course.  
Angels never put themselves in harms  
way, if they see a problem they post it  
on the angel  
twitter acct, Invite trusted contacts to  
join the angels twitter acct. This is a  
national acct, we can all help each  
other Invite Trusted contacts to join.
My school
Earn your Angel wings
Coming now help if you can
Free to police,school officals, etc
9.99 a year for students/parents
Life is a Struggle for us all
My School
Invite Trusted Students and teachers to join and exchange ideas,and be able to send a quick note about something strange that is happening